Delivering Precise and Targeted Therapeutics

Macrophage Therapeutics (MT) is developing novel immuno-oncology and targeted anti-inflammatory therapeutics based on its proprietary Activated Macrophage targeting platform.

MT is leveraging its unique CD206 receptor-based delivery system to deliver proven therapeutics in a more precise and targeted fashion. With binding affinities 10,000X today’s best antibodies MT’s approach eliminates off-target toxicity and increases the efficacy of proven therapeutic agents. MT’s CD206 targeting platform is already clinically established and being used in an FDA/EMEA approved radiopharmaceutical.

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Macrophage Therapeutics has developed a proprietary targeted steroid (MT-2000 class) designed to specifically treat the disease-causing cells quarterbacking the body’s inflammatory response (Macrophages). MT-2000 is a class of agents that are designed to precisely convert pro-inflammatory M1 Macrophages to anti-inflammatory M2 macrophages. MT’s receptor-based approach eliminates the off-target toxicity associated with the use of typical steroid approaches.

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In cancer, Macrophage Therapeutics has developed a targeted apoptotic agent (MT-1000 class) that exquisitely targets and kills Tumor Associated Macrophages (TAMs). These TAMs are recruited by most tumors to create a pro-tumor microenvironment. MT has demonstrated that this approach effectively eliminates TAMs and stimulates the bodies endogenous immune system to attack the tumor. MT-1000 class will be used in combination with other anti-tumor approaches including immunotherapies, chemotherapeutic agents, and radiation.

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